‘Cards Being Dealt’ and Cubs Force_08_15_20

Then to conclude #OnDeck on #CSR with Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey and Riis Tha Ruler we step #OnDeck as the #Cardinals will be handed a dubious task of trying to make up 55 Games in 44 Days.  They already have missed two weeks of action and are currently beginning a #DoubleHeader with the #SouthSiders #WhiteSox.  Plus sticking in Chicago, how hot do the #Cubs look and don’t look now, they have the Best Record in all of the #MLB.  Should David Ross be a #RookieoftheYearManager Candidate, stay tuned?


We can be followed on #Twitter and #IG @ProdigyRichey @OnDeckCSR and for my Man Riis Tha Ruler on #Twitter and #IG @iscr3winutibolt.  For all the latest #OnDeck on #CSR be sure to check them out on #MixCloud #Anchor and #Spotify.

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