Tales and Lessons From the One and Only Chukky Okobi_07_15_19

Previously on the #MenofSteel, I Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey was thrilled to be joined by Legendary Center and Guard of the #SuperBowlXL #Steelers Team, Chukky Okobi. Find out his original passion growing up in Pittsburgh Born and how he overcame adversity, mentors to him, and what success he encountered and benefitted on and off the Field while Playing under Bill Cowher and with Jerome Bettis. His current Brand is #BasicInstructions in where he helps many people to understand their mind in achieving their long-term success. He can be followed @ChukkyBasics.

To finish, #FairorFoul: Ben Roethlisberger seem to be favoring Mason Rudolph as the #2 QB, Ryan Switzer will Ryan Switzer continue to progress in the Slot WR Role, and did the #Steelers make a mistake by not keeping Matt McCrane around for competition to Chris Boswell? Be sure to catch me Live as well on #Instagram menofsteelnation and #YouTube Men of Steel Podcast, and I can be followed @ProdigyRichey. #HereWeGo!

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