NBAFinals and NBA FA Aftermath Chaos_06_15_19

On yesterday’s edition of #OnDeck with me Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey, we do our Final Tip Off with #NBAFastBreak as I Wrap-up of the #NBAFinals. Did the #Raptors do enough to convince the World that they Beat the #Warriors and earned this Championship or are there still a Plethora of Questions of if the #Warriors Main Stars in KD and Klay didn’t go down, this would be a Different Series? Following #Break #1 how does Kevin Durant’s Achilles Injury affect the rest of the #NBA #FAClassof2019? Does Kawhi Leonard do the right thing and stay with the #Raptors who he helped Deliver a Championship or will he go join another Team in his Hometown of LA and make history of becoming the First Player in #NBAHistory to Win a Third Ring and #NBAFinalsMVP with three Different Teams? All that and much more!

Number to be reached is 312-209-2232 or you can follow me @ProdigyRichey, check me out on #YouTube Channel Charles Richey or on #Instagram prodigyrichey.

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