A Leader Amongst Mill_06_12_19

I wish to apologize to all my followers, had some personal issues and priorities I had to manage, but here’s this past Wednesday’s edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast and hope you all enjoy! Thanks and Best!

On this edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey, on the Opening Drive; the #Steelers #TrainingCampSchedule has been released and I got all the details. Plus, Mark Kaboly of the #Athletic has some interesting Nuggets on James Conner and the Running Game. Also, JuJu Smith-Schuster had some interesting comments on the Leadership and Faith in this Group.

Then of course to Close things out, you don’t want to miss the latest takes on #FairorFoul surrounding the Locker Room and much more. If you wish to be a part of the Show, the Number to be reached is 312-209-2232. I can also be followed @ProdigyRichey and you can catch the Show not just Streaming Live on #FaceBook but #Instagram menofsteelnation and my #YouTube Channel Men of Steel Podcast.

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