OTA’s Analysis With Bryan DeArdo_06_05_19

On this recent Edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey, we began with the #OpeningDrive. Find out what improvements that was suggested by Sean Davis that needs to happen this year to get to the next level? Also, what does the future hold for these two Defensive Backs: Artie Burns who has by the end of next week to convince Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert why he shouldn’t be cut, and will Coty Sensabaugh sign elsewhere?

Halfway into the Show, I was joined by #Steelers #CBS Sports Reporter and Writer as well as Interactive Host for #247Sports Bryan DeArdo join me to share his thoughts on the latest in #OTA’s. He can be followed @BryanDeArdo. If you wish to be a part of the Show, Number to be reached is 312-209-2232. You can also follow me @ProdigyRichey and catch the Show Streaming Live on #Instagram and #YouTube. As always, “Don’t be trolling, be rolling!”

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