NHL Faceoff Final Four and Fair or Foul_05_18_19

To close things out, we dive into #NHLFaceOff

#Bruins are back in the #StanleyCupFinals and have been the Second-Best Team in the #East, but can they Finish Strong with their Seventh #StanleyCupFinal

In the #West:

#Sharks and #Blues are nodded up at two Games a piece. Will Joe Thornton be able to assist Guide his Team to the #StanleyCupFinals and face off against his Original Team that Drafted him 22 Years ago, the #Bruins? Will the #Blues finally Survive and Hoist #LordStanleysCup in their Overall 51 Seasons

Lastly Prodigy and Pauly C introduce #FairorFoul
Fair or Foul Joe Thornton earns his first #StanleyCup?
Fair or Foul Peyton to be in a Front Office Role with the #Jets?
Fair or Foul that the #Bucks will Dethrone the #Warriors if the #Finals started today?
All that and much more. If you wish to call in on the Show, Number to be reached is 312-209-2232. We can also be followed on #Twitter @ProdigyRichey @itsmepaulyc47. As always, don’t be trolling, be rolling!

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