NFL Post-Draft Diary and Jersey Shoutouts_05_06_19

On this edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey I beging with #HappyBirthday Shoutouts:

DE Cam Heyward who turned 30 today James Conner turned 24 yesterday, Do you believe Cam Heyward will last beyond his two years left on his deal? Still have optimism about Ryan Shazier making a return to the Game?

Last I get into Jersey Number Predictions for Current #RookieDraftClass:

Will Benjamin Snell get his wish and receive the #26? Should Troy Polamalu’s #43 be untouchable as he is about to enter the #HOF? All that and much more. If you wish to call in on the #MenofSteel Podcast, Number to be reached is 312-209-2232 and you can also follow me on #Twitter @ProdigyRichey. The #MenofSteel Podcast is also Live Streaming from #Instagram and #YouTube.

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