NBAFastBreak Playoffs First Round Finishes_04_20_19

To close out #OnDeck with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey and Pauly C, we take a look at the First Round of the #NBA Playoffs. #Celtics safe to say, ‘Stick a fork,’ in the #Pacers as apparently no Team in the History of the #Playoffs have come back down from 3-0. #Celtics will be awaiting the Winner of the #Bucks or #Pistons Series while the #76ers are starting to catch fire and will look to face the Winner of the #Magic or #Raptors Series.

In the #West , can Gregg Popovich steal one away from the #Nuggets as the Winner of that Series will meet up with the #Thunder or #Blazers. Will Russell Westbrook and his crew avoid folding under pressure? How much more can Kevin Durant take with the #Clippers and how sooner rather than later a rematch from the #WesterConferenceFinals from last year occur between the #Rockets and #Warriors? If you wish to be a part of the Show, be sure to hit us up at 773-966-2494 or tweet us @ProdigyRichey @itsmepaulyc47.

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