MLB Chicago Baseball and Passing of an IL Broadcast Legend_04_20_19

On this recent edition of #OnDeck with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey and, Pauly C, we take a look at both the #Cubs and #WhiteSox last seven Games comparisons. #WhiteSox Tim Anderson and Skipper Rick Renteria serve one-game suspensions following an altercation with #Royals Starting Pitcher, Brad Keller. #Sox Fans, are you digging the New Attitude the #Sox are trying to generate?

Also, the #Cubs won six out of their last seven games. Is the Starting Pitching starting to get itself together and hold down the fort especially on Defense? Find out our thoughts.

Before we headed into Break #1, we share some sad news from a few days ago on the Passing of IL Broadcasting Legend, Chet Coppock. He was definitely loved here in not only Chicago, but #NotreDame Football Fans and #NY to name a few. R.I.P., “Godfather of Sports! Definitely one of the Innovators of #SportsTalkRadio and #SportsTalk in general. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter @ProdigyRichey @itsmepaulyc47.

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