Team Bonding and Mock Draft Preview With Tony Defeo_04_17_19

On this recent edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast with me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey, I was joined by Senior Writer for #BehindtheSteelCurtain Tony Defeo as he can be followed @Defeoman. Ben Roethlisberger has seemed to have heard my questioning of where he’s at with his Teammates training together. Guess what, he’s there! Plus Tony Defeo doesn’t seem to feel that Antonio Brown realizes how lucky he had it in Pittsburgh, find out more of his thoughts. Also, we get into a Mini #MockDraft Preview in regards to what position the #Steelers need they will fulfill first and we finally learned that one of the Teams has been confirmed on when they’ll be facing in the form of a #SNF Matchup with the #Patriots in NE on 09/08. Talk about a Rude Awakening!

All that and much more. If you wish to call in on the Show, the Number to be reached is 312-209-2232 or you can follow me @ProdigyRichey. You can the Show Streaming Live on #FaceBook #Instagram #YouTubeLive.

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