Shooting the Brees With Bryan DeArdo_04_11_19

On the latest edition of the #MenofSteel Podcast, I, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey was once again joined by returning Guest, #Steelers Reporter and Interactive Host for #247Sports Bryan DeArdo. He can be followed @BryanDeArdo. We recapped the latest drama now coming from former #Steelers RB, Rashard Mendenhall. Was he right in his assertment of Ben Roethlisberger’s poor treatment of Antonio Brown and how far did he go?

Plus, we preview the Home and Regular Season Games for the #Steelers. Find out which one from the #AFCEast or #NFCWest will be challenging? Despite the fact the schedule hasn’t been announced, we got you covered.

Last, we share our Favorite ups and down #Steelers All-Time Playoff Wins and Losses including their #SuperBowls. We also, share our Top 100 Picks for the #Steelers Draft as we got your #Draft Preview covered. As always, feel free to dial in to share your thoughts 312-209-2232 or you can follow me @ProdigyRichey.

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