Cynthia Frelund on the Steelers Going the Distance with the Broncos_11_21_18

On this Special Thanksgiving Eve Edition of the, “MenofSteelPodcast,” I Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey was joined by the one and only, NFL Network’s Data Analyst extraordinaire, Cynthia Frelund. She can be followed @cfrelund. She helped break down Le’Veon Bell’s post-drama, thoughts on if the #NFL should abandon the Salary Cap and adapt to the Luxury Tax System, status of Keith Butler’s future with the Team as Defensive Coordinator as well as Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, and we both give our Thanksgiving Moments and Games on this Holiday. Find out her take on who will win between the Steelers and Broncos in Week 12 and what matchups to look out for as well as which injuries can be costly. As always, you can tweet me @ProdigyRichey. As I leave you and everyone listening out there, Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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