Lions and Men on a Mission

By Charles J. Richey


Jim Caldwell who is in the fourth year of Coaching as the Detroit Lions Head Coach is going to try and get him and his team something they haven’t accomplished since 1991, Win the Division and probably much more!  Grant it going into Monday Night Football, they were +3 Underdogs according to Oddsshark.  Through tough grit on both Offense and the Defense taking advantage of a miserable NY Giants Offense, this team seems to be more confident than ever.  Is it time to start believing in this Detroit Lions Team?  Still a little too early to tell until they meet Green Bay!

“You know, they’re a good front four.  We knew we were going to have to get the ball out quickly,” according to Eli Manning of the Giants!  Many approached Jim Caldwell if he was worried about his job, but the main thing he is worried about is getting his men to Winning Football and Winning Big is the name of the Game.  Many may question the end of an era with Eli!  Has the torched been passed to these Detroit Lions, only time will tell!

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