State of the NFC North

Charles J. Richey



As another Season passes along, it is time to wonder if the NFC North still a lock for the GB Packers to repeat or will it be up for grabs?  Despite everyone taking care of business in their Home Openers, the Bears seemed to be the lone team on the todom pole.  This now begs the question who can challenge the Packers for the NFC North Crown?  Let’s take a look at the Thoughts and Predictions from each team.

GB Packers:


The Pack Attack started off the Season against the Seattle Seahawks in Lambeau Field.  Despite a scoreless First Half by the Offense, the Defense was able to take down Russell Wilson three times in the contest.  Thanks in large part to Defensive Coordinator, Dom Capers, they were able to shut down Seattle’s Running Attack.  The Seahawks were held to only 90 yards total with 40 of those yards being lead by Russell Wilson.  No surprise as always to find that, “Bad Man,” at Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers heated up throwing for a TD in the third and leading another Drive resulting in a Rushing TD by TY Montgomery.



The Packers will be on the road Sunday Night in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium of the Atlanta Falcons in where they were dominated in the NFC Championship Game earlier this year, 44-21.  The Packers will once again have their hands full with the League MVP in Matt Ryan.  It will be key that the Packers get after Matt Ryan early in where they failed to do in the NFC Championship Game.  Give me the Falcons at Home in this one, but it will be close, 27-23.  This Game should give a clear understanding who’s the Clear Cut Contenders for the NFC.

MIN Vikings:

The MIN Vikings who are officially moved on from the presence of, “AD,” Adrian Peterson.  The Vikings seemed to have no problem in handling the NO Saints.  Rookie Second Round Draft Pick, Dalvin Cook made quite a debut picking up 127 Yards on the Ground, Rushing and also had three receptions for 10 yards.  Who needs AD?  This is a Team looking to try and get back in the dance to challenge for the NFC North.


The Vikings will be visiting Pittsburgh.  They have split their meetings in the last 10 years, but the Offense will have their hands full defending a Pass Rush that generated Seven Sacks in CLEVELAND, Ohio.  Starting Quarterback, Sam Bradford who experienced swelling, pain, and discomfort in his knee following the Vicotry over the Saints on Monday.  The orginization is optimistic that he will play!  If not, second year Quarterback, Case Keenum ready to go!  It will be a battle of the Defenses in this one, but I expect the Steelers to edge them out in this one in a 24-17 Final.

DET Lions:

The , “Million Dollar Man,” Matthew Stafford and the DET Lions started off their Season with a convincing 35-23 Win over the ARZ Cardinals!  This is a Team who is looking to finally Win their First Division Title in 26 years.  They always seem to be coming up short by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  Kenny Golloday is trying to build rapport with Matthew Stafford as he displayed his Playaction Catching ability in the Fourth Quarter.  The former WR Prospect out of Chicago’s, Saint Rita will get a chance to show the World how much he can do on a Prime Time Game when they visit the NY Giants on Monday Night!


Expect the DET Lions to come out swinging and take advantage of a Quarterback in Eli Manning, who in many’s eyes, have his days numbered. I expect the Lions to come back down to earth as the Giants should snap out of their funk, because they need to in a hurry if they’re going to be still considered Super Bowl Favorites.  This has got to be alot of pressure on Jim Caldwell!  They need to prove that they can still hang in the NFC, but overtake the Packers in the NFC North.  Expect Aaron Rodgers and company to hang onto that.

CHI Bears:

The Chicago Bears proved they had enough heart and were able to go the distance with the Atlanta Falcons.  In these times, playing for pride will not be good enough!  Grant it, Mike Glennon as no surprise is their Starting Quarterback for now, but did he finally shake out all his kinks from the PreSeason in Turnovers?  Kevin White, who is in his third year, stil can’t find a way to be healthy!  His Season may be over due to a fractured left Shoulder Blade.  Is it time to consider cutting him?


The Chicago Bears unfortunately have the making for another mediocre Season at the end of the day.  I expect them to finish 4-12!  As for John Fox, his days maybe numbered!  The Good News however is they may have a Future Franchise Quarterback.  Too soon to see if Trubisky will be inserted, but I predict he will start at Home against the SF 49ers at Soldier Field, December 3rd.  It will be another last place finish however for the fourth consecutive year.



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