NBA Eastern and Western Conference Finals Analysis_05_20_17

Hey Chicagoland,

We opened up today’s Show on, On Deck going right into the NBA Eastern Conference for the first couple of segments and the Western Conference Finals in the final segment of hour number one. Is it a wrap at this point? Should we just pencil in the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors for the first time in NBA Finals History a third year in a row that these two teams rematch? Also, what should the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers do with their Draft Picks since Boston is #1 and Los Angeles is #2? Find out from me, Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey, Sidney Brown, “Sid the Kid,” and Mr. Ralph Hill! As always, make sure to catch us every Saturday from 2:00-4:00 p.m. CST on You can follow us @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80 @RalphHill86! “Don’t be trolling, be rolling!”

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