Can Paul George Restore Tradition to the Lakers

By Charles J. Richey

Paul George has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers since February according Sam Amick of USA Today!  For the Indiana Pacers, the former 10th Round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft has the Pacers left in a predicament!  On Thursday, it was announced that he didn’t make the All-NBA team and as a result, hurts the organization’s chances of signing George to a long-term deal!  He would have been offered to a “super-max” contract which would have made him the richest player in NBA history, a five year $210 million deal according to Brian Windhorst of  They will have that option available for next year if he makes an All-NBA team.

This begs the question, should the Los Angeles Lakers form a trade package of acquiring Paul George?  Keep in mind, this is a franchise that is rebuilding under the helms of Lakers Owner, Jeanie Buss and President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson.  The Lakers haven’t been in the Playoffs since 2013 and are 91-237 and are experiencing the longest drought in Franchise history by not making the Playoffs for four consecutive Seasons.  The Lakers do have the number two pick in the Draft, so should they pass on acquiring Lonzo Ball?  Hmmm Laker Fans are drooling at the mouth as you can imagine!

How much of an impact will Kobe Bryant continue to have on help this once proud Organization?  Paul George would be the perfect fit!  He grew up in Palmdale, Calif and it gets better, he grew up a Kobe Bryant fan!  Another question going back to the beginning if he makes an ALL-NBA Team, can the Lakers spend all that money on him!  Only time will tell, but as long as the Celtics continue to build their future Championship team, don’t be surprised if a little bit of Magic continues to be implemented!

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