Jerry Krause, Bulls, and Phil Jackson_04_01_17

Welcome to another edition of, In the Zone, Jerry Krause finally gets his Call to the Hall of Fame! Hear me and Ralph Hill’s thoughts! From there, we break down the Bulls matchup at Home against The Atlanta Hawks and their remaining Games towards the end of The Season as look out Indiana and Miami, you’ve got company for the #7 Playoff Spot as The Bulls control their own destiny for that moment! Phil Jackson gets thrown under the bus by his former Player he once Coached as part of an Unbelievabull Bulls Dynasty by none other than Scottie Pippen! Does Scottie Pippen’s comments confirm a rift he had with Phil Jackson or is this the official end of Phil Jackson’s reign with The Knicks? We were without Sidney Brown who was part of a Remote Broadcast in Hoffman Estates with The Windy City Bulls for The DandDavis Show and Kevin, but no problem as Ralph and I had it covered! We can be followed @sidkid80 @ProdigyRichey @RalphHill86 @Kevin_Lee93!

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