NFL Thanksgiving Picks for Week #11_11_22_16

Happy Thanksgiving everybody from all of us here at Check out Paul and I as we break down our picks this Thursday beginning with The Minnesota Vikings vs The Detroit Lions. Can Sam Bradford and The Vikings continue to build momentum after snapping a four-game skid or will The Detroit Lions sweep the Season Series and finally claim The NFC North for the first time in Franchise History? The Nation’s Capital continues to invade big D on Turkey Day and will The Redskins slay Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott at 9-1? The Cowboys are looking to continue to steam-roll, but not if Kirk Cousins has something to say about it. Finally The Pittsburgh Steelers, can they continue to keep place and reign supreme in The AFC North with a victory over The Indianapolis Colts, and will we worry about Mike Tomlin performing the two-step on Thanksgiving again? You know the deal, they flick them, we pick them. Happy Turkey Dav everybody from Paul and I on On Point!


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