On Point_09_27_16

Welcome back Chicagoland and to all you Sports Die-hards. On this episode of On Point, I break down the upset of The NFL weekend from Week 3 as well as our new debut segment, Upset Prediction for each NFL Week. My, “Friend to the End,” Paul, “Slaughter,” Gonzalez should be back next week. Feel free to follow us on Social Media @ProdigyRichey @PaulSlaughter68. At 7:20 and 7:40, we had a couple of returning Guests beginning with Mr. Jacob Klinger of Penn Live who shared his thoughts on the humiliating loss for The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered at the hands of The Philadelphia Eagles as well as which injuries do The Steelers need to be most concerned with. He can be found @Jacob_Klinger_. Last, we have Mr. Tony Defeo of Behind the Steel Curtain join us from SB Nation. He discussed his upcoming keys to the game vs Chiefs and find out if he believes Le’Veon Bell will be enough to get this Season back on track. Who will the Cubs face first? As always, “Don’t be trolling, be rolling!


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