In the Zone_08_20_16

Welcome Chicagoland and to all you Sports Die-hards to this three-hour edition of In the Zone. We open up with Men and Women’s USA Basketball. We were joined today by The Radio Play-by-Play Voice of The Green Bay Packers, Mr. Wayne Larrivee. He can be found @waynelarrivee. Find out his thoughts on The Green Bay Packers upcoming Season and how much longer is their Championship Window Open for. We review The Bears continuing Preseason. Also, check out another edition of Prodigy’s Podium as well as What’s on Sid’s Mind? How should The Cubs should approach going into the Postseason? The White Sox, who should go first, White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf or Vice President, Kenny Williams? In the Final Hour, we get into some more Preseason Football and just have some fun, DC and Marvel Celebrity Topics. For Sid, Charles, and Kevin, hit us up on Twitter @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80 @Kevin_Lee93. We leave you with Love, Peace, and Hair Grease. Don’t be trolling, be rolling! Out!


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