On Point_07_19_16

We were so good the first time, we decided it’s a keeper here on ChicagoLandSportsRadio.com, On Point. Buy or Sell for the Chicago White Sox and Sox fans if you had it your way, who do you think the Organization should start moving on from them? Also we have joining us on the Line, Mr. Anthony Defeo who is a Blogger for SB Nation shares his thoughts on how the NFL Commissioner is doing on the Al-Jazeera Report with the Owners and Players Union. He can be found on Twitter @Defeoman You won’t believe who he thinks would be a Good replacement for Commissioner. Later on, we have the Return of the, “Slaughter House,” with Paul Gonzalez, find out which former QB is getting ripped the most? Lastly, is Minority Coaching continuing to be a problem for the NFL. Don’t be trolling, be rolling. We can be found on Twitter @ProdigyRichey @PaulSlaughter68. See you next week.


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