In the Zone_08_06_16

On this edition of In the Zone, we break into the Hot Chicago Cubs, who are now 10-4 in their last two weeks. Find out who the Team in the NL they will have to reckon with? Also, returning Guest on, but for In the Zone, Mr. Anthony Defeo. He is a Pittsburgh Sports Blogger for SB Nation and can be found on Twitter @Defeoman. Find out his thoughts on a New Rule Change in the NFL concerning QB’s being hit by Defenses, his thoughts on the NFL Hall of Fame Inductees and much more. We continue to update you on Bears Training Camp and will Jay Cutler continue to improve and can they possibly grab The NFC North. Also check out Prodigy’s Podium and What’s on Sid’s Mind. For @ProdigyRichey @sidkik80 @Kevin_Lee93. As we leave you, Peace, Love, and Happiness! Don’t be trolling, be rolling!


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