In the Zone_07_16_16

On this edition of In the Zone, find out our thoughts and reactions from this past year’s MLB All-Star Game. Is it time to move on from the Winner Take All Home Field Advantage in the World Series? Baseball Fans, what do you think would help make the game more competitive? Also we have Returning Guest, Mr. Adam Crowley of ESPN Pittsburgh gives us his reaction on the All-Star Game and everything in Pittsburgh Major Sports. He can be found on Twitter @adamcrowleySNR. The White Sox, who needs to step up on both Pitching and Hitting to get back in the Playoff Race? On Prodigy’s Podium, meet the New Ownership of the UFC and you won’t believe who has a connection with Chicago? Lastly we end with What’s on Sid’s Mind. Be sure to keep it in tune every Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. CST on Don’t be trolling be rolling! Out!

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