Primed Up_06_13_16

On this past Monday’s of Primed Up, we have now become the Thriple Threat as we welcome our new additional Co-host, Paul Gonzalez makes his Debut on Primed Up with me and Jamar Freeman! Beginning with the NBA Finals, are the Cavs officially done and is Draymond Green a dirty Player? In Baseball, is it time for the White Sox Organization to swallow up their Pride and move on from Robin Ventura? Also congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins and where do they rank among the All-Time Great Stanley Cup Dynasties? You won’t believe who’ll Brock Lesnar will be representing at UFC 200. If you wish to follow us on Social Media, we can be found on Twitter; Charles Richey, @ProdigyRichey, Paul Gonzalez, @PaulSlaughter68, and Jamar Freeman @ROLO_Juice! As I always say, “Don’t be trolling, be rolling!”

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