In the Zone_05_14_16

On our Debut Show on, In the Zone with Sid and Charles, we debate whether the Chicago White Sox will finish off as a Playoff Team by Season’s End. Also find out the latest Controversy surrounding Chicago White Sox Broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. We are joined once again on Chicagoland Sports by Public Relations Specialist, Ms. LaDonna Raeh @ladonnaraeh and Julie Harshbarger, first ever Women’s Placekicker in the CIFL for the Chicago Blitz @julieharsh99 whom all can be followed on Twitter. Find out our thoughts on the Chicago Cubs and where they will end up, then we transition into the NBA Playoffs and is their Controversy with the NBA MVP Award, find out? Later on we wrap up the final forty minutes with my Session on Prodigy’s Podium and here what’s on Sid’s Mind, on this Edition of In the Zone with Sid and Charles, and also joined with Kevin Lee. You can follow us on Twitter, Charles Richey, @ProdigyRichey, Sidney Brown, @sidkid80.


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