Has the Fertittas and Dana White’s Regime Come to an End?

Charles John Richey,

IL Media School

As reported by ESPN on Tuesday evening, rumors have been speculated that the UFC company is for sale.  According to UFC President, “The UFC is for not sale.  If someone shows up with 6 bllion or 4 bllion Dollars, we’ll definitely talk to them,” Dana White!  Very interesting indeed!  It’s been over 15 years since Dana White and the Fertitta Brothers have purchased the UFC as a Group.  To think of all the years that they had to put effort in getting the Sports sanctioned, back on television networks, and finally their biggest achievement, removing the Ban in NY to have a Show in Madison Square Garden this November.

Grant it, the UFC for the last three years has been struggling mercifully to build up Star Power.  You still have George St. Pierre retired, maybe making a comeback, their former top Pound-for-Pound Fighter, Anderson, “The Spider,” Silva not only lostthe belt, but has not picked up his first win since 2012.  Ronda Rousey has been brought down to earth since her shocking loss to Holly Holm this past year and is in question if she’ll ever win back her Women’s Bantamweight Championship or will she hang it up soon.  Currently, their Controversial Star, Conor McGregor who didn’t make his Press Conference for UFC 200, to fight in a rematch against Nate Diaz in UFC 200 has been pulled.  Is the UFC feeling the pressure and are starting to bail out?  Only time will tell!


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