Peyton Manning His Explains His Final Rodeo

As we are now less than four days away from Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA at Levi’s Stadium, home of the SF 49ers, Peyton Manning finally sat down and explained what he meant on his comments following the AFC Championship Game against the NE Patriots that Sunday could be his, “Final Rodeo.”  “Why would I… I don’t know if you noticed that podium stage was pretty crowded,” Manning told Mike Klis of 9News Broncos Inider.  If this does prove to be indeed Peyton Manning’s final game, Peyton Manning at the end of the day has nothing to be ashamed of.  A former five-time NFL MVP, one-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP, all-time Passing Yards Leader with 71, 940, all-time leader in Touchdowns with 539, and 14-time Pro Bowl Selection.  People would probably argue that he should of had more.

Think of all the neck surgeries he went through over the past five years.  Being released by the Indianapolis Colts after 13 years of blood, sweat, and tears.  No doubt, a true ambassador and representative of the game for all athletes.  He may have went spiraling down in his final year despite all the question marks on his throwing strength.  Will he finally be able to separate himself from his Brother, Eli Manning who has one more Ring than Manning?  If like his predecessor, John Elway can go out on top, why not Peyton Manning?  If he does win this, you have to make room for him in the top five as follows:

  1. Joe Montana
  2. Terry Bradshaw
  3. Peyton Manning
  4. Troy Aikman
  5. John Elway

“I’m not naïve, I understand there are people around- I wanted to use that particular time to tell a coach that I’ve had 23 games against and have had some disappointing losses and some great wins- I told the quarterback Tom Brady the same thing.  Ther’es something about telling a person at that particular time as opposed to a text or even a handwritten letter.  There’s something about telling telling a guy man-to-man, ‘Hey boy you’re a heckuva player, you’re heckuva coach.  I’ve enjoyed these battles.”  And we indeed enjoyed watching!


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