Malcolm-Jamal Warner: Whole ‘Cosby Show’ Cast Losing Residuals

Malcolm-Jamal Warner sharing his feelings on his close friend and actor, Bill Cosby

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Earlier this week, Anita Bennett of TheWrap had a chance to sit down and interview with a former actor of the Cosby Show, Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  It has been fifteen months since the Bill Cosby sexual assault accusations came onto the scenes.  It has not only affected Bill Cosby, but other actors and friends who have worked close with him.  No doubt this was a sensitive topic as you can imagine especially for Mr. Warner who had the distinct honor of playing Bill Cosby’s Son on the show, Theo Huxtable.  Here’s what Malcom-Jamal Warner had to say with Anita Bennett.

“Yes there are financial repercussions that we’ve experienced because of that,” Malcolm-Jamal Warner told TheWrap.  When he was asked how Mr. Cosby is doing mentally, he had this to say, “He’s doing alright.  That part I really don’t feel comfortable talking about because we’ve always had a close personal relationship.  He’s always been very, very good to me.  Our personal conversations I tend to keep personal.”

He also believes that whatever he says, the press and the public have a tendency to “misinterpret” his statements.  “I’ve had situations where I’ve said one thing and people would take that statement and interpret it as I’m defending him, he said.  “Then someone would take that same statement and interpret it as I’m throwing him under the bus.  So, at some point it’s like I can’t really say anything because, again, people are goin g to interpret it filtered through what they want to see.”  Malcolm-Jamal Warner sees similar ties to the OJ Simpson Murder Case that when the verdict came out, there were people who were happy and some thought he was guilty.  “When people of color, when our experience is not a positive one, our experience with the police, our experience with the justice system… we tend to a lot of the black community’s response was filtered through our own experience.” 



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