Steelers vs Ravens being downgraded to Day Game

Well, the upcoming Steelers vs Ravens Sunday Night Matchup which will take place in Week 16, has been downgraded to a 1:00 p.m. ET Start instead.  This is all due to the NFL’s capable option of Flex Scheduling in where any time especially towards the end of the Season has more of a competitive matchup, it can be moved up to a Prime Time Slot.  In this case, the Minnesota Vikings will be hosting the New York Giants.  This game will be more extremely interesting due to the fact that the Eagles are currently tied for 1st Place with the Redskins atop the NFC East & the Giants are third in the tie.  The Vikings by far have a better chance of getting in as they would need a win, plus a loss by the Bucs, Eagles, and Giants.

Even though, the Ravens are struggling with a poor 4-9 start, the Steelers are currently 8-5 at number 7 in the Wild Card Race, plus they still have a shot of winning the AFC North if they can win out and the Bengals lose the rest of their games.  Bottom line, it’s still Steelers vs Ravens and no matter what time of day these 2 show up to do battle, it’s still one of the most physical and grudging rivalries of All-time in the NFL.  Keep in mind the Steelers, lost a heartbreaker back in Week 4 with the Final Score being 23-20.  The Steelers were without Ben Roethlisberger and had Michael Vick under Center.  Just 2 crucial missed Field Goals were missed to put the Ravens away, but eventually lost in OT.  Will the Steelers hang on, or will the Ravens play spoilermakers.  Tune in this Sunday on CBS.

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