Jason Heyward Spurns STL Cardinals for Chicago Cubs Youth

Well, take that STL Carinals Organization and Fans if you can’t stomach the fact that it was worse enough that the Cubs ended your run in the Divisional Series Playoffs 2 months ago, but to have FA Outfielder Jason Heyward goes over to the Chicago Cubs instead. He feels that the Cubs youth appealed more to him.”I didn’t take the highest offer,” Heyward told reporters as reported by Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports. He liked the youth of the Cubs, but at the same time felt that alot of their key players were getting older. Heyward’s real attractive options at the end of the day boilded down between the Cardinals and Cubs. I believe that this lineup in their batting order will pose a real competitive force with Ben Zobrist leading off, Jason Heyward, Anthony Rizzo, & Kris Bryant batting cleanup. This will be a Solid Lineup to compliment some legitimate Starting Pitching with Jake Arietta, Jon Lester, & John Lackey


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