NFL Return to LA

According to, a return NFL team to LA is trying to get some resolve with an owner’s meeting in December.  The only problem is that these meetings from all the owners can be pushed back from March all the way to late as May, which means that a return NFL team to LA could be pushed back as late than the 2017 NFL Season.  The proposed teams involved trying to have a stadium built in the Carson area of Los Angeles are the Raiders & Chargers who are teaming together for a proposed $1.7 billion proposal while the St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has released plans on a $1.86 billion pan seating approximately 80,000 people.  “You need 32 owners to have a vote & 24 of those owners have to agree on something,” said Mark Fabiani according to  The Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer is trying to have a proposed $1.1 billion stadium built to keep the Chargers in town, but the Chargers are hesitant in working together with them, unless the owners don’t approve the move, they will have no choice but to try & work something out.  We shall see, but the time for a return NFL team to LA is now.


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